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Nick Fitzhugh

Nick Fitzhugh was born in New York City and grew up in Montpelier, Vermont. After a year abroad spent working on a vineyard in France and then enrolled in school in Italy, he attended Brown University from which he graduated in 2002 with a BA in Comparative Literature and honors in Creative Writing. While a student at Brown, he founded Glimpse, a nonprofit multimedia platform for young people to share stories about personal, cultural experience abroad. Its mission was to inspire the new generation to care about the planet. Seven years later the company was acquired by National Geographic.

In 2010, Nick started the production company redfitz and turned his full-time attention to directing, producing and shooting cinematic documentary shorts, features and series. His first film, Soccer City (2010), a documentary about life and soccer in the largest and most notorious township in South Africa during the first ever World Cup in Africa, was picked up by Nat Geo, ESPN Classic, SuperSport and Netflix.

Distributed worldwide by Netflix and domestically by American Public Television, Nick's second documentary film, Starboard Light (2015),is a 60-minute documentary feature spanning five generations that poetically explores the question of whether a family makes a house or whether a house makes a family.

Nick then created and directed Conflict (2016), a Webby-award-winning documentary series that goes behind the lens of the world's best conflict photographers. Conflict was funded by the Nat Geo Channel and was acquired by Netflix in 2016. It took home the webby for best documentary series of the year in 2016 and was recently submitted for Emmy consideration in the category.


Through his production company redfitz, Nick has produced and directed films for global brands and organizations such as Netflix, CNN, National Geographic, ESPN Classic, TED, SuperSport, C&G Partners, Nat Geo Student Expeditions, The New York Times and The Helmsley Charitable Trust.

Nick has also co-directed and produced films with other directors such as Shaul Schwarz, Topaz Adizes, Chris Keener, Rob Shore and Francisco Campos-Lopez.


Webby for Best Documentary Series for Conflict (2015)

Vimeo Staff Pick for Conflict / Episode 3 (2015)

Vimeo Staff Pick for Conflict / Episode 1 (2015)

Vimeo Staff Pick for The Garden of Steven (2012)

National Geographic All Roads Seed Grant (2012)


Soccer City (2010)

If Iceland Could Sing (2012)

Imagination At Work (2012)

The Garden of Steven (2012)

Garett Brennan: Starboard Light (2013)

Starboard Light (2014)

Lifeblood (2015)

Conflict (2015)



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